Writing a Reflective Essay

Many students are not taught how to write a reflective essay before they actually have to produce one. Unfortunately, they are at an extreme disadvantage, for they do not know exactly what is a reflective essay. A basic definition is this: the writer is asked to think about something (a past experience, a piece of literature, a situation or condition) and then to provide a personal response that includes both feelings and thoughts. In this type of essay writing, organization is critical, for if one’s thoughts and feelings are not logically and appropriately expressed, the essay loses meaning to the reader. The preparation for a response essay is different because it does not typically require research; however, the basic format for an essay still remains. One must have an attention-grabbing introduction, a body of paragraphs that each addresses one feeling or thought, with a good topic sentence and supporting detail, and a compelling conclusion that wraps up the reflection and perhaps points to something learned from the experience, the reading, or the condition.

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