APA format for an essay

What is APA format for an essay?

The APA format essay follows the specific guidelines set by the American Psychological Association (APA). This specific set of guidelines defines the APA writing format in such a way as to make each APA format paper exactly alike, stylistically. This helps the American Psychological Association process them more quickly and easily. An APA formatted essay is unique from standard essay papers. APA formatting can make or break a successful paper in any humanities class in college. If APA formatting guidelines are not followed to the letter, the student submitting the paper may end up seeing his or her paper rejected altogether.

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Every APA format essay must have a title page that conforms to the exact requirements of the APA writing format. The APA formatted essay usually contains the title of the paper, the title of the course, the writer’s name, the professor’s name, the university affiliation, date, and any other requirements specified by the professor for APA formatting. The entire APA format paper should be double-spaced and be written in Times New Roman 12pt font. APA formatting guidelines should also meet the other general requirements of the APA style.

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What is APA format for an essay where the body of the paper is concerned?

APA formatting guidelines require that all citations made within the body follow the specific rules, namely that the author’s name is listed by last name, then first initial, and finally listed in the final references page. These generalizations are only a summary of the primary points; one should talk with his or her professor for more specific details.

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