The Persuasive Essay

The name says all. When students are required to produce persuasive essay writing, they are tasked with creating a piece of writing that will posit an opinion on a controversial topic and attempt to persuade the reader to accept his/her point of view. Persuasive essays must be exceptionally well organized, contain sufficient information and data to support one’s opinion, be compelling, and reflect superior style, structure, and grammar. If any of these factors are missing, moreover, the essay falls flat and convinces no one. Many otherwise good writers struggle with the persuasive essay because they must conduct a great deal of research to support their opinions while, at the same time, countering opposing opinions. Organizing the information or data becomes a particularly daunting task, not to mention the presentation itself. When students conclude that they do not have the time and/or organizational skills to produce such a work, the often look for persuasive essay help from a custom online essay writing service to whom they can say, “Write my persuasive essay.”

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The Persuasive Essay Process

You may be given a general persuasive essay topic area, such as “Ethics in biogenetic engineering,” “Genetically modified foods”, “The New Affordable Care Act, or Voter ID laws.” These are all controversial topics, but your job will be to conduct significant research, generate solid persuasive essay ideas, narrow the topic to more specificity, and then take a stand, which will be your thesis statement for the essay. This is all time-consuming, and you may really want to find a quality writing service and say, “Write my persuasive essay!”

Once the thesis is determined, there is the organization phase – synthesizing the arguments on both sides and preparing an outline to present your point of view in the most logical and compelling way. Again, a great deal of thought and “wrong turns” are involved in this phase. You can, however, find the right writing service and say, “Write my persuasive essay for me,” give them all that you have accomplished so far and allow them to complete the essay for you.

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