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Many students have never heard of the problem solution essay until it is first assigned. What they come to discover, however, is that it is a complex task, requiring lots of research and understanding, and certainly critical analysis skills. If you are unclear as to what a problem solution essay is, here is the basic definition: You will be presented with a problem – social, economic, political, or scientific, etc. – and you will be asked to propose one or more solutions, depending upon the complexity of the problem. Suppose, for example, you were given the problem of the poor quality of education in America today. Do you even know enough about this issue to prepare a problem solution essay? Probably not! You must, therefore, seek research source materials that will provide you with the myriad of problems in this topic area, analyze all of the causal factors, and then narrow your topic and thesis to a single issue to which you will propose a solution. All of this requires hard work, critical thinking, and the ability to synthesize and evaluate the issue at hand. If this sounds like a task for which you may have limited ability and time, you may be better served in seeking online custom essay assistance from a trustworthy academic writing service.

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